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Here's what some of the students have to say...

My life completely changed when I came to VOPA.   I learned a lot about God & how He loves me. Before, I used to act out in anger toward my friends & family because I didn’t know God; even though my parents were religious, I never actually paid attention. For so many years I struggled to have someone listen to me when I was going through hurtful situations. I couldn’t sit & talk with my parents about what was going on with me. I didn't feel they had time for me. For so many years I cried by myself in my room because I felt so alone. I came to VOPA and that’s when everything changed. My personality was different, I became more kind, and God completely changed me even though I was the same person physically. I was growing in my Spirit, and from then on, every time I had a problem, I’d go to God. He is always there for me 24/7 and He will never leave me alone no matter what I do. At the end of the day, when it’s just me, I remember that God loves me, and that He is my Father, and he will protect me wherever I go.
            VOPA Senior, Class of 2011

My name is Patrick Jones. I am 13 years old, and in the 8th grade.  This is my first year here at VOPA. So far, it's been a whole quarter, and I've loved everything about this school. I've been getting a great education in Christian perspective, and I'm surrounded by Godly leaders & support. I've also made a lot of cool new friends. My favorite thing about this school is the chapel service we have once a week, usually on Fridays. There's always an awesome worship service. Every time, I've experienced a spiritual breakthrough or visitation. I always have a great time worshipping God. I thank God so much for putting me in this school. 

                      VOPA 8th grader, Class of 2015, Patrick Jones


The following testimony is taken from a letter sent to VOPA faculty & students, written by a United States Marine Corpsman:

Hey everyone!

How's everything at school? Is everything fine? I really hope it is. With God by your side, everything will be more than fine. God has been by my side all this time. That is why I am still here. God is still guiding me through this tough time in my life. Right now, I'm at Camp Pendleton for more training. I'm praying that it goes by fast. It's very stressful, but I'm getting through it. 

Brother Sherwood, it has been an honor being one of your students. I have learned a lot from you, and I pray that God will bless you and your family. 

Sister Hannah, you are a really cool person. I pray that you will be a great EMT, and that you and your family will also be blessed by God. 

I give my gratitude for all that you all have done, as my teachers. The same gratitude goes to my classmates. I want to thank you all for writing me. It really meant a lot to me. It also brought up my confidence a lot! It's been an honor to have known all of you, and I'm really glad that I can call you my friends. You are all awesome, and never lose sight of God.

There's a Pentecostal Service here at the base, so I'm going to that. It's just as much fun as our Friday services. I miss all of you a lot. I hope God will bless all of you and give you a lot of miracles in life. Hope to hear from you soon. God bless you!

           VOPA Alumni, Class of 2010, Ezer Canizalez

Qué es Dios haciendo en su vida, o su escuela?

Algo lo qué Dios está haciendo cada viernes in nuestra escuela es qué está haciendo a los estudiantes libres. Libres para adorarlo y brincar cuando cantan canciones. Y en mi vida, me estoy enseñado cosas nuevas. Yo necesito orar cada día para qué Él me pueda usar y apartar para usarme grandamente.

                    VOPA Sophomore, Clase de 2013


What is God doing in your life, or in your school?

Something that God is doing every Friday in our school is that He is making the students free. Free to worship Him, and jump around when we sing songs. In my life, He's showing me new things. I need to pray every day so that God can use me, and set me aside to be used for something truly great.  

                     VOPA Sophomore, Class of 2013


Voice of Pentecost Academy is a school for future leaders. Over my years of teaching, I have seen many students' lives change as the call of God within their lives became evident. Many of the alumni of our Academy are now leaders in many different fields. For example, I know former students who have become pastors of congregations all over the Bay Area. Some are youth pastors, and some are now senior pastors. I know students who have started their own companies which are now very sucessful. I even know students who've become lawyers and are now sending their own children to our Academy. Yes, the Lord has allowed us to touch many lives with His presence. One time, in our high school class, the Lord sent out a prophetic word that a student was to go to culinary school. Years later, I ran into the same student at Golden Gate Park. He was so excited to say that he now owned his own resturant, and was doing well. I gould go on and on with stories of how the Lord has changed the lives of so many young people, by just His word. Our own Vice-Pricipal, Sister Hannah Hamre, is the most current example of how the Lord has prospered the students in our schoool. I have seen her grow so beautifully over the years she atttended our Academy. Now, she has become a great leader and an awesome example of what great things the Lord wants to do with all of our strudents and staff.

Brother Sherwood has been given a great word for our Academy. Dueuteronomy 28:13 says, "You shall be the head and not the tail..." This word has carried many of our students to the high calling God has for them. 

                                 VOPA Homeroom Teacher, Sister Anne Lanza

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